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The global objective of the ENDETECH (ENzymatic Decontamination TECHnology) program is to develop a technology which aims at eliminating persistent pharmaceutical pollutants in wastewaters originating from drug manufacturing sites, households, hospitals and animal farms, thanks to an innovative ENzymatic Decontamination TECHnology. The pharmaceutical pollutants targeted in priority during this project will be antibiotics and hormones & endocrine disruptors.

Six partners from four different countries will work closely for this 3-year project: c-LEcta and the Goethe Frankfurt University (Germany), ChiralVision (The Netherlands), Da Volterra and the European Membrane Institute (France) and the Catalan Institute for Water Research (Spain).

Start date 1st February 2012
End date 31 January 2015
Contract type Collaborative project
Project status Completed